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The future of
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The Comfone IPX is an IP Interconnection Ecosystem for the future of telecommunications today. It is a private, secure IP Cloud Network with global reach boasting one of the largest on-net customer bases worldwide. Carrier partners and customer CSPs are connected to exchange mobility data services.

These mobility data services include roaming, interworking and IoT Connectivity alongside A2P/P2A messaging and virtual mobile number monetisation. The IPX platform provides security and firewall solutions, and proudly integrates Big Data management and analysis at network and business level. We offer quality and redundancy with a resilient IPX Backbone Network.

Comfone’s Points of Presence and Backbone Network

With 11 PoPs strategically distributed around the world, Comfone’s global presence ensures that we are where you need us to be. High capacity inter-site links and a double ring around the globe guarantees a fully redundant, high-available IPX network.

Who we serve

Our IPX services are agile, flexible and future proof. We work with a large number of CSPs, and are ready to work with new sectors.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide you with an IPX solution designed specifically to suit your needs.

IPX Services

Main Features

Superior Mobility SS7 Signalling Service for 2G (GSM/EDGE/GPRS) and 3G (UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+) mobile networks worldwide for the enablement of roaming, mobility and SMS Messaging. Global reach to all 1’000+ SS7 SCCP/MAP signalling destination networks worldwide. SIGTRAN based SCCP and MTP SS7 Signalling protocol support and all IP access methods available including IPSec/Internet, private dedicated Leased Lines or private interconnections.

This service provides global reach to all LTE roaming-enabled mobile networks worldwide. We support with Diameter Routing and Edge Agent functionalities, such as topology hiding and IMSI-based routing of S6a diameter messages.

We provide our customers with a reliable, cost-efficient and fully end-to-end managed GRX service.
We support you with all of your GPRS, 3G and LTE Data roaming traffic. The service fully compliant with GSMA specifications, and we are uncompromising about keeping your data safe.
In order to keep things as simple as possible, we have fully integrated the Comfone GRX into Key2roam Hub.

This private and secure IP Network has been intelligently designed to integrate network connectivity providers at each of the three regional GSMA IPX Peering Points.
The Comfone IPX has peering agreements with all other IPX Carrier partners, offering full redundancy and large capacity. These fully redundant models are available for each Comfone IPX customer from every customer location worldwide.


Signalling Tracing

An intuitive, near real-time tracing application used to analyse signalling transactions for SS7 (MAP, CAP), Diameter (S6a and S9), GTP-C and DNS via a single user interface.


The app allows you to monitor the condition of your roaming network based on individual or combined SS7, Diameter and GTP-C signalling transaction KPIs. Identify the status near real time. An interactive world map serves as the basis for analysis with thresholds and powerful drill-down functions.

SMS Gateway

Manage your A2P, P2A and P2P SMS interworking traffic. Filter and firewall in real-time, analyse SMS-related SS7 signalling traffic and screen unwanted interworking SMS.

We create partnerships with companies specialised in deploying and managing solutions in a particular field or service segment.

The Comfone NOC

Our NOC team offers not only basic support, but also first level engineering. When a ticket is opened, they conduct in-depth troubleshooting and analysis to understand an issue quickly.

Lean and agile

Comfone is a compact company doing big business. By staying lean and agile it ensures that our processes are less rigid than they are in larger organisations, and we can handle special requests with comparative ease and speed.

One team

Our NOC team and IP engineers work closely together on projects. They sit together in the same office, and these in-person discussions lead to rapid resolutions.

The teams have deep knowledge of individual networks, and work together to configure STPs. This in-depth implementation knowledge means that issues are resolved more efficiently, with less escalations.

Customer focused

Our customers are an extension of our work families, and our NOC team know their customers very well, often getting to know them over the many years that they work at Comfone.

The NOC team also troubleshoots beyond demarcations, supporting the customers with their troubleshooting even when the issues are not on our side.

One huge benefit of the Comfone NOC team is that the people who troubleshoot the service are the same people who initially set it up, leading to an encyclopaedic knowledge and quick resolutions.

Ticket handling

The NOC team are committed to handling tickets in a customer-focused way.

In many industries, it is standard practice to automatically close tickets within 48 hours, whether the issue is resolved or not. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we wait on feedback from customers, and close tickets only when we have a solution to the issue.

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