What is roaming?

The roaming process, made simple

What is roaming?

Have you ever tried to use your mobile phone abroad? How do M2M devices work across countries? Who makes sure you pay or get paid for the effective usage?

International roaming services ensure that a device remains connected to a network when outside of the geographical coverage area of the home network (this refers to the device’s country of origin). The device connects to a visited network (a specific network in the visited country) which allows the subscriber to automatically make and receive voice calls, send and receive SMS and data, or access other services while travelling abroad. For a subscriber to use a visited network while abroad, both the home and visited networks need to exchange various types of information. To do this, multiple interconnections need to exist between the home network and the visited network.

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How is Comfone different?

Our mission is to provide borderless and easy communications to all people and all things.

Comfone enables all the interconnections between mobile network operators to ensure that information can be exchanged. There are over 900 mobile network operators worldwide and they all need to be connected to one another to offer roaming services to their subscribers. Comfone enables the various interconnections from and to all of the mobile network operators worldwide.

Comfone is the only supplier in the roaming market that offers all the services required to establish international roaming between mobile operators. This allows us to create a unique international roaming ecosystem, the Key2roam Platform. When a mobile operator contracts all Comfone services, all information is easily consolidated and used to analyse costs, investigate different roaming behaviours and therefore increase customer satisfaction and revenues.

We work with mobile (virtual) network operators, M2M/IoT solution providers, The United Nations, Automobile companies, OTT web services and many more CSP to provide our services.


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