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Comfone supplies a complete portfolio of services and solutions for various customer types such as MNOs and MVNOs, MVNEs, Solution Providers and WISPs.

From Hubbing and Carrier services to a complete Financial and Data Clearing portfolio, our professionalism ensures first class service and quality for 900+ Bilateral Networks and 444+ Hub Partners around the globe.

Customer types


A mobile network operator or MNO is a provider of wireless communications services that owns or controls all the elements necessary to sell and deliver services to an end user. In addition to obtaining revenue by offering retail services under its own brand, an MNO may also sell access to network services at wholesale rates to mobile virtual network operators or MVNO's.


A Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (or MVNE) is a company that provides services to mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), such as billing, network element provisioning, administration, operations, support of business support systems and operations support systems, and provision of back end network elements, to enable provision of mobile network services.

Solution Provider

A Solution Provider is a vendor, service provider or value-added reseller that offers any combination of hardware, software or consulting services through a third party channel. For selected services Comfone cooperates with Value-Added-Resellers and other 3rd parties such as Telco equipment vendors, global carriers and messaging providers that comprehensively handle their clients overall project needs from concept to implementation.


A wireless Internet service provider (WISP) is an Internet service provider (ISP) that allows subscribers to connect to a server at designated hot spots (access points) using a wireless connection such as Wi-Fi. This type of ISP offers broadband service and allows subscriber computers, called stations, to access the Internet and the Web from anywhere within the zone of coverage provided by the server antenna. This is usually a region with a radius of several kilometers.

3rd Party Partners

Comfone with its sophisticated state-of-the-art online platform is eager to expand its service portfolio by allowing and implenting 3rd party apps for its customers. We can collaborate with several trusted partner companies offering a range of value added roaming solutions, which are all fully integrated into the Key2roam Platform and are also easily accessed via Pulse.

Evolved Intelligence (E.I.)

Evolved Intelligence was established to make network based applications more affordable for operators. Their unique distributed architecture and multi-tenanted technology means that they can offer remote hosted applications with the minimum of implementation effort. Combined with the international infrastructure provided by Comfone, Evolved Intelligence can offer exceptional performance and value


RoamSmart is one of the world pioneers in providing Roaming and Big Data Solutions to Mobile Operators by helping them proactively optimize workflows and monetize the existing roaming data. RoamSmart helps Operators better manage their activity in both operational and business aspects.


Roamsys' products and services help mobile network operators and groups, alternative roaming providers (ARPs), clearing houses and roaming hubs to co-operate, share information, make decisions and be productive.


XINTEC are leading providers of cost-effective Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance solutions to the communications industry. XINTEC is the supplier of choice for leading small and mid-sized companies globally.


Infobip, a global leader in providing messaging solutions is dedicated to being a trusted partner connecting you to a global messaging ecosystem and enabling brands to communicate with users providing a high quality, safe and controlled experience.

Customer references

Key2roam Hub Customers

Thanks to you, our roaming coverage has grown steadily and has led us to become leaders. We appreciate the efforts of the Key2roam team and look forward to continue our business relationship with Comfone in the years to come.

Abimbola Adekoya
Roaming Manager
The Key2roam Hub helps us to connect to the roaming world easily and quickly!

Teerapat Tarugsa
Roaming Assistant Manager
Being a member of the Key2roam Hub has sped up the launching of new relations and extended our roaming footprint significantly. The Comfone team is a pleasure to work with.

Mateja Sonc
International Carrier Services
Our gratitude goes to the extensive support we are receiving from Comfone's Key2roam team. Their dedication to extending our reach to many countries is seamless.

Dilgent Mmbaga
Roaming & International
Comfone has helped us to expand our roaming footprint around the world with minimum effort and very good collaboration. Today our outbound coverage has exceeded our expectations and we have helped provide high quality roaming to our corporate customers travelling around the world without limits.

Spiridoula Nikolaou
Roaming Marketing Department

Data Clearing Customers

Comfone was extremely flexible and very easy to work with during the DC migration. Thank you!

Pawel Manikowski
TADIG expert
Comfone's DC & FC services have brought a year full of "zen" with everything being handled superbly by Comfon'es Teams…and a Pulse Platform receieving constant innovations. Bravo!

Laeticia Nicolas
IR Manager

Financial Clearing Customers

Fast service, very friendly support and Swiss reliability and accuracy makes Comfone as great as it gets!

Cédric Dupont
Accountant Revenue, CoS, Roaming
Comfone's FC team is very efficient and easy to work with.

Stéphanie Robert
International Account Manager
Co-operating with the Comfone team during the Clearing migration was great! All issues on both sides were solved quickly and professionally.

Przemyslaw Blaszczyk
TADIG expert

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