Roaming the Plains of Serengeti with a mobile phone

Old fashioned phone

“What do you do for a living?” “I do roaming!” “Aha…. (long pause) …. so like a nomad on the plains of Serengeti.” “Well ah, something like that yes, but with a mobile phone.” “Mobile phone, what’s that?” “Well ah, hmmm, where do I start…?” ‘Roaming‘ used to mean to move about or travel aimlessly. […]

Comfone’s NOC Team in a nutshell


I really enjoy my job working as part of Comfone’s NOC team because every day provides new challenges to overcome on behalf of our customers. We are exposed to a wide range of companies and different situations, keeping the job fresh and interesting. In case of any issue or request from any Comfone customer around the […]