How can the Comfone IPX ensure total global coverage?

The Comfone IPX is an IP Interconnection Ecosystem.

It is a private, secure IP Cloud Network with global reach boasting one of the largest on-net customer bases worldwide. Carrier partners and customer CSPs are connected to exchange mobility data services.

The IPX platform provides security and firewall solutions, and proudly integrates Big Data management and analysis at network and business level. We offer quality and redundancy with a resilient IPX backbone network.


Comfone’s global strategy

Comfone’s strategy of routing and handing-off IPX roaming traffic regionally is realised through our globally distributed IPX backbone.


The Comfone global backbone

With 12 global PoPs located in Asia, Europe and America, all redundantly connected to each other via high-speed MPLS enabled IP connections, Comfone is well positioned to guarantee that data roaming traffic is exchanged with as few hops as possible.

These connections create a double ring of redundancy: our regionals PoPs are always reachable and a full lights-out scenario in one PoP will never result in a region becoming isolated.

This fully conforms to the GSMA-defined hot-potato IP routing specifications.


Regionally routed traffic

Comfone boasts DRAs in three regions – Asia, Europe and the USA.

These regional DRA clusters along with local peerings with other IPX providers ensure that Diameter signalling traffic does not transit oceans to reach its destination.

Traffic is handed-off regionally, guaranteeing enhanced response times.

These features translate into faster attach procedures for 4G customers, in addition to quicker data throughputs with lower RTTs for data roamers.


Virtual infrastructure

Infrastructure-capacity concerns are addressed through our fully virtualised environment.

The limitations associated with physical, dedicated equipment is eliminated. Server, processing, memory and storage capacity requirements are quickly and efficiently addressed.

We have already invested in the infrastructure so we can support you with your growth.


Follow-the-sun support


Thanks to the distribution of our staff, we can support you in every time zone, with engineers available 24/7.

Our Comfone staff speak 50 languages, meaning that we are able to support you in your first language wherever possible.


Full transparency

Pulse, our online business portal provides full access to Comfone services. With specialist IPX monitoring and alarming apps such as Hawkeye and Signalling Tracing, our customers have full access to their roaming data in near real-time, all the time.


The Comfone difference

At Comfone, we are proud to do things differently, ensuring our IPX customers total worldwide reach for peace of mind.

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