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Hubbing and Clearing: A collaborative approach


When Key2roam Hub was launched 16 years ago, only a few roaming relations were opened and managed by the pioneering Hub in the market. Today we proudly boast more than 450 networks and over 24,000 connections worldwide. During peak season, we manage over 2.1 million happy roamers using our connections. 

In my role as EVP of both Hubbing and Clearing, I am in the privileged position of being able to see the collaboration between the two departments. Let me explain how that collaboration works…

Sometimes it may go unnoticed that our Hub uses our own services, such as Data Clearing (DC) and Financial Clearing (FC). Effectively we are one of our biggest Clearing customers! The advantages of this are endless: accuracy in validating and handling TAP files, close to 100% RAP disputes winning rate, creation and validation of traffic invoices, as well as the possibility to use our innovative ePayments function, allowing real-time handling of roaming traffic payments, at any time.

With a shared vision, mutual respect, and in-depth understanding of each other's role in our company, both the Hubbing and the Clearing teams do collaborate with the goal of achieving outstanding customer experience. And the outcome of such great collaboration is the fact that our operational teams can identify opportunities to engage our customers in discussions and explain our unique selling proposition. It's not a surprise that some clients understood they could count on our excellent Clearing services, decided to give us a chance and migrated full DC and/or FC to Comfone.

Good collaboration between departments makes me smile. Have you seen my Monday motivation post? "When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you."

Did you know other muscles can simulate a smile, but only the peculiar tango of the zygomatic major and the orbicularis oculi produces a genuine expression of positive emotion?

Well, nowadays in my job the Hubbing services would be the zygomatic and the Clearing services the orbicularis. When both work well and in good collaboration, my joy is complete because I know our customers are smiling too.

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