Goodies, giveaways and gifts: how to choose something that your customers will love

Whenever we meet you and it’s appropriate, we like to give a small gift to mark the occasion.


There are a lot of benefits for giving gifts to customers, from providing a conversation starter upon first meeting, to maintaining a positive onward relationship, to advertising your company. In this blog, we are discussing five reasons that we give customers gifts, and the benefits of gift giving, as well as important things to remember when choosing business gifts.


Why do we give gifts?

Here are a few great reasons for our gift-giving:

Breaking the ice

Because of the pandemic, we have not seen some of our customers in a few years and have actually never met some of them face-to-face. Providing a small, thoughtful gift at the start of the meeting can act as a conversation starter and helps the conversation flow more quickly.

Relationship building

We appreciate each and every one of our customers. We usually work together for years (sometimes we even know the names of our customers’ pets!), so by giving thoughtful gifts, it helps to show our appreciation and build up stronger connections. So, let’s take the opportunity to thank you for the quality of our relationship and share our gratitude.

Celebrating Swissness

Our HQ is in Bern, Switzerland and we are extremely proud of our Swiss roots. Our customers benefit from our Swiss precision and quality in all aspects, from great services to gifts. Plus, we shop local wherever possible, cutting down on our carbon emissions and promoting our Swiss identity.

Finding something with a use

Our gifts are planned with our customers in mind, and we always try to find something that they would find useful. Why? Because if something is useful, it is much more likely to be appreciated and kept. We therefore do our best to think out of the box to bring some new, creative gifts.

It makes us happy

Humans are fundamentally social and community-minded. We live, eat, work and travel together. Sharing things like food and knowledge (and gifts!) is an example of how humanity is inherently generous. Neurologists suggest our brains are wired to derive pleasure from giving. Thanks endorphins! And not only does it provide us with joy but when customers use our branded gifts, it acts as advertising for us too, helping us to stay present in their minds.


Things to think about before buying gifts


At Comfone, our aim is to provide our customers with high quality roaming services and excellent customer care, and this is what we want our customers to remember about us: not that we gave them an expensive gift.


The aim of the gift is to promote a good feeling and help to create a bond, and as such we have strict rules on the types and values of gifts we provide. For us, the gesture, the appreciation and the connections are more important than the monetary value of the gift itself.


It is also important that we understand our customer’s policies on gifts receiving, to ensure that everyone is comfortable and on the same page with its purpose.


Overall, we enjoy planning gifts that our customers will enjoy, and thinking of creative things to delight them. And, of course, as a Swiss company we have to celebrate the most famous of Swiss snacks… chocolate, anyone?

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