Roaming is about cooperation

Roaming can be turned on by our phones in one swipe, but it’s not 1-swipe task for operators to implement.

On average, each single network is connected to 600-700 other networks around the world. This allows subscribers to roam reliably worldwide.

Did you know and there are more than 1200 operators globally?

Roaming agreements


This means that there is a large web of agreements and connections built around the world.

This is effectively maintained thanks to the cooperative and cohesive actions of all involved telcos.

For more than 2 decades there have been a lot of standards, rules and policies introduced to make the international cooperation between networks easier, more efficient and functional.

The changing roaming landscape


The mode of global inter-network cooperation is likely to change in the future, with the introduction of new technology. However, the fundamental need to provide the end consumer with uninterrupted, wireless and seamless access to digital world will remain.

The landscape of this global cooperation is also changing rapidly. Nowadays, a whole new ecosystem has grown with digital services providers, content developers, advertisers, IoT connectivity providers and various software-enabled companies. These all ultimately add value to the services consumed by end customers. 

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

There is a lot of work being done in the background to provide convenience, ubiquity and ease of interaction with digital services or content, regardless of location.

This is possible thanks to intelligently designed and well thought-out supply chains of those services consisting of numerous parties well-integrated with each other.

Comfone's role


Being one of the industry’s leading players, Comfone has a pivotal role in shaping future of cooperation between mobile operators.

We are continuously building new capabilities into our large Key2roam Hub, which hosts over 650 global mobile operators, service providers that are often focused on particular industries – healthcare, automotive, advertising, and are also actively adding partners that supply various crucial value added services to our clients.

Keeping all those participants active and engaged on our Key2roam Platform requires a lot of communication, facilitation, orchestration and we manage that by continuously automating and streamlining our services, tools and processes.

Apart from technical enablement, we are also ensuring that we support the business interests of our clients and partners and help them realize new growth opportunities.

Recently we’ve launched BCE Phoenix that helps our clients commercialize their radio access types (NB-IoT, LTE-M) and also gives them an opportunity to bring differentiated offerings at the wholesale level.

What will happen in the future?

Robot future

Cooperation in the digital space will continue becoming increasingly complex and unpredictable, but what’s certain is that it will be an exciting place to be!

Over the next years it’s important to choose the right cooperation environment that would allow you to tap into new opportunities and maximize monetization of existing ones.

Let us help you!

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About the author

Dmitry Brussintsov

Dmitry started at Comfone as a Service Delivery Manager. He now works in the Sales Team as the Sales Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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