Data Clearing

Providing a wealth of experience

Comfone’s Data Clearing service supports any customised process flow to manage roaming traffic, and grants high quality TAP data on both the private and public interface.

Our Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange (NRTRDE) application is designed to fully support the demanding NRTRDE process and meet strict timeframes.

Our system also provides a number of additional customisable features, each of which can be configured to match the specific needs of our customers.

These include the seamless detection of potential fraud through our monitoring software, and the identification of ‘high usage IMSIs’ for finding and preventing fraud before it happens.

How we serve our customers

Full transparency

We build our applications and DC service with our customers in mind.
The process is transparent from beginning to end, and we have exactly the same access to your data as you do.
The service is fully managed, so you can be reassured that the highest level of quality is always maintained.

Quality, flexibility, adaptability

Our services are easily customisable for each customer.
We understand that each of our customers have specific requirements, and our aim is to provide the highest possible quality to each customer.

We are able to facilitate this through our robust processes, ensuring consistently high standards.

Focus on each customer

The Data Clearing team is ‘customer-neutral’. This means that we treat each customer as unique.
Our technical systems have been designed to maintain neutrality, and we deal with one customer at a time, ensuring maximum attention to detail, customer care and problem solving.

Outsource work, keep control

Whilst we fully manage the service on your behalf, the control stays fully with the customer.
You are able to view all of the same information as we are, but we only involve customers when we need them.
This brings extra value to customers, allowing them to get on with other priorities.

Main Features

  • 90% RAP dispute winning rate
  • IOT check (in/out-bound)
  • Compliant with industry standards
  • Fully managed service
  • Short implementation time

We achieve this high winning rate through a combination of hard work, robust processes, quality and reliability.
Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Inbound and outbound IOT checks for all customers and RAP disputes are performed as standard. Our aim is to deliver high value to our customers, which includes providing as many service benefits as possible.

Through independent evaluation and external audits of our processes, we have been recognised as compliant with industry standards. These include GSMA, TTT (Tadig Testing Toolkit) and SOC compliance certifications.

We actively monitor your service to ensure smooth running, providing peace of mind that unless you need to be informed, we take full control of your service. We communicate with other clearing houses and partners on your behalf.

Delays create unnecessary backlog and reduce the productivity of roaming management teams. For this reason, we commit to a 5-day implementation in our SLA which ensures a fast time to market and a quick, reliable rollout.


  • Forecast and manage IOT discounts
  • Trace every single CDR
  • Get access to all IOTs
  • Discover a wide range of reports on your DC service
  • Define your own statistical reports


Is the fully customisable roaming visualisation tool, complete with an integrated IOT Discount simulation tool.

CDR Tracing

Trace every single CDR, using the search and filter function. The app includes a scalable and redundant Big Data warehouse, resulting in a powerful search engine.



Get access to all IOTs and their rates, AA.14 and special IOTs. The direct link to the ticketing system brings the IOT management to another level.

Roamit RGW

Operational and statistical reports covering all aspects of the DC service, including revenue assurance, quality assessments, file generation, testing, fraud prevention, general configuration and statistical information. Direct access to TAP and NRTRDE files is also supported by ROAMit RGW.


User-defined reports presenting statistical information such as volumes, durations, events, charges, taxes etc. by destination, apn, on network or country level for different periods. Users can add and remove columns and define different selection criteria to match their reporting requirements.



Fully integrated IoT discount simulation tool.



IoT forecasting and management modules.


Near - real time

Near - real time updates of analytical information from live roaming data flows.



Customisable apps views to include region, country, operator and group.

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