Financial Clearing

Providing a wealth of experience

Comfone’s Financial Clearing service offers open minded and flexible solutions to support the needs of our customers.

Our portfolio of applications provides you with both the autonomy to take FC services into your own hands, whilst giving reassurance that Comfone is there to offer support where required.

How we serve our customers

Swiss precision and quality

Comfone headquarters are located in Bern, Switzerland, and our Swiss identity influences our services.
We are 100% independent and neutral, with no affiliations to any group. Our objectivity is highly valued by our customers.
We provide top quality service without compromise. Our operational team has always been based in Switzerland, and we benefit from both the secure Swiss banking systems and bank account structures.

Over 25 years of experience

We have 25 years of Financial Clearing experience.
Most of Comfone’s FC staff have worked here for many years, and this longevity brings specific expertise.
We constantly deliver great quality, and the industry as a whole has been moulded by our consistently high standards.
We are proud of how our FC experts have helped to shape the GSMA standards.

Dedicated attention to service

Comfone’s FC team combines a fully technical approach with individual customer support and customised solutions.
Our service follows the sun in order to provide 24-hour support, 7 days a week and 365 days per year with staff based in Switzerland, Ukraine, USA, Guatemala, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malaysia, Fiji and Croatia.
Comfone staff speak over 40 languages, and we support you in your own language as far as possible. Our team are there to support you with processes from beginning to end.

Individual autonomy

Through access to our FC service, you are given the opportunity to treat the service similarly to your own personal online banking.
You can be confident that our service apps have been created with you in mind, providing you with user-friendly solutions to all of your FC questions and queries.
You can feel reassured that this individual autonomy is paired with full technical and personal support, making Comfone unique in the industry.

Main Features

  • Over 30 migrations
  • Daily RTDR
  • Online services
  • No payment cycles
  • Customer service awards

Comfone have performed around 50% of the entire industry’s clearing migrations over the past seven years.
This organic growth demonstrates our customers recognition of our commitment to providing the highest quality service and great customer care.

We process both outgoing payments to partners and incoming payments to customers on a daily basis.
This independence from payment cycles secures better management of accruals and ensures a steady cash flow.
It also allows for the quicker identification and resolution of any potential issues or disputes.

Nobody knows your roaming business better than you do.
Our ePayments function allows you to use your FC service in a similar way to any personal online banking service. You gain autonomy, and we maintain our high level of technical support for peace of mind.

Comfone processes payments daily for both outgoing and incoming payments. By definition we do not impose any cycle-based processes for payments, serving our customers through transparency and integrity.

We believe great customer service is the foundation of our success. We are proud to have won ROCCO’s ‘Customer Service Leader’ and ‘Financial Clearing Leader’ awards for the past eight years, displaying our dedication to our customers.


  • Handle FC payments in real time
  • Gain full transparency of RTDR interface
  • Take control of your FC process


Comfone offers FC customers access to the ePayments function, allowing real-time handling of Financial Clearing Payments. Developed 100% in-house and fully customized to meet our customers’ needs.

RTDR Tracing

An interactive application that provides FC customers with full transparency of the RTDR interface in between the acting DCH and Comfone’s FC environment.

Financial Tracker

Provides insights into the complete financial statement based on real-time data:
⦁ Income statement
⦁ Balance sheet
⦁ Ledger report
Supports single and multi-network scenarios.

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