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What does a developer do?


I work at Comfone as a software developer and enjoy developing new features. One of my favourite things about my job is the opportunities it provides to work with many different technologies, and to learn new things.

It can sometimes be challenging to understand what a customer needs, and learning to connect the business side with the IT is key to success. Whilst not everything is always possible, it's fun to try and make the impossible happen!

I have learnt that it is important to be open to changes. It is very common for changes to be made throughout the development phase, which can be vital both to make the customer happy, and also to improve the tool as it is developed step-by-step.

But what does a developer actually do? I like to say that we make lives easier, both for our customers and our staff.

A recent development project that I have been working on is the creation of the 'Broadcast' tool.

At Comfone, communication plays a key role in our relationships and we work hard to ensure our customers are always up to date. To fulfil these requirements, we started working on the 'Broadcast' app. This will allow both the Comfone teams and customers to share information quickly and accurately to the intended audience. Three kinds of information can be shared on Pulse: general news, news about maintenance and incident information.

We are now a few weeks prior to the release of the application and I look forward to releasing this project to help our customers! The development team has a lot more in the pipeline, and our current topics of interest are in machine learning. In a few weeks the first outcomes will be made visible within Hawkeye. Watch this space…
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