Layers: not just for cakes

What do you think about when you hear the word ‘layers’?


For you, does it conjure up thoughts of a cake, filled with buttercream and fruit? Or taking a walk on a winter’s morning, piling on jumper after jumper to stay warm? Or perhaps it even reminds you of doing DIY, adding paint to a doorframe or windowsill.


For us at Comfone, when we talk about layers, we mean our Key2roam Platform.



What is the Key2roam Platform?


The Key2roam Platform is Comfone’s answer to a complete roaming solution.


It is a unique ecosystem which contains within it all the layers you need to establish international roaming.


Built upon a solid foundation of core roaming services, the Key2roam Platform brings together what belongs together, incorporating the complete portfolio of services, apps and Value Added Services required to build a profitable roaming business. It enables the seamless transport of Signalling, Data, Roaming and Clearing traffic.


The first layer: IPX

The IPX services incorporate signalling (SS7, LTE/ Diameter, 5G) and a fully end-to-end GRX service on the secure IP Backbone core network.


The IPX services provide the technical infrastructure to support Comfone’s other services, including providing the VPNs for Clearing Services. This brings us on to our second layer.


The second layer: Clearing Services

Incorporating Financial Clearing, Data Clearing, NRTRDE and Phoenix, our service supporting the BCE standard. These core roaming services have been established at Comfone since 1997, and our recognised expertise in the service combines with award-winning customer support and excellent technical know-how.


Both IPX and Clearing are utilised by our third service, which relates to Hubbing.


The first column: Key2roam Hub

Here, instead of talking about layers, we talk instead about columns. This is because the Key2roam Hub utilises both our Clearing and IPX services, acting as the largest operator worldwide with over 25,000 connections.


It accelerates roaming between operators, simplifying the service and taking care of roaming relationships and increased coverage.


The second and third columns: Sponsored Roaming and Bilateral Roaming

In addition to the Key2roam Hub, we also support your Bilateral Roaming strategy with our Roaming Relations Management service, which is powered by the Key2roam Hub.


We pride ourselves on having great relationships with operators around the world, and this personal relationship, coupled with our unmatched expertise in the industry has led to the development of the service. We provide a smart solution for anyone looking for a complete Roaming management solution delivered by an experienced team.


Our Sponsored Roaming solution offers MNOs and MVNOs the opportunity to increase low or non-existent international roaming coverage by utilising the international roaming coverage of an existing, established network (i.e. the ‘Sponsoring Network’).


Our Sponsored Roaming solution supports both the sponsored and sponsoring counterparts.


The icing on the cake: DMS and M2M End2End Monetisation

Together, the Data Management Service (DMS) and M2M End2End Monetisation service are the logical evolution of the Key2roam Platform. We bring together what belongs together, giving you the opportunity to do more with your data.


With a consolidation of data streams coming from the DC and IPX services (TAPs, MSUs), analytical tools are empowered to achieve more intelligence in analytics.


By subscribing to DMS, you can better understand trends, reduce costs and increase revenue through this huge stream of consolidated data.


Our M2M End2End Monetisation service combines all of the Key2roam Platform service layers, enabling you to visualise the M2M traffic in your network, analyse the data to apply the appropriate charging model per device, and then highlight the business potential to help you monetise your roaming business by finding new revenue streams.


Roaming, made simple

The ultimate aim of the Key2roam Platform is to provide our customers with all of their roaming services and information conveniently in one place.


Key2roam Platform customers are granted unlimited access to Pulse, our sophisticated online business portal. Pulse gives you the freedom to enhance your business performance and gain deeper insights through a number of customisable reports and intuitive monitoring



There are over 600 Key2roam Platform members worldwide. Are you interested in becoming part of the Comfone family?


Contact us today at and get set up!


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